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Tungsten copper Accessory/Custom machined parts

Tungsten copper Accessory/Custom machined parts


Tungsten copper Accessory/Custom machined parts


 We can also manufacture parts from these materials to your specifications.

Our tungsten copper composites are used worldwide for electrical discharge machining (EDM) and electrochemical machining (ECM) electrodes. All composite material is manufactured by the press, sinter, and infiltrate process; adhering to strict quality checks every step of the way. You can rely on the quality of our tungsten composites to provide consistent, homogeneous materials that yield high and even burning rates



· High arc resistance combined with good electrical conductivity

· High thermal conductivity

· Low thermal expansion


· Arc contacts and vacuum contacts in high/medium voltage breakers or vacuum interruptors

· Electrodes in electric spark erosion (EDM) cutting machines

· Heat sinks for passive cooling of electronic devices

· Electrodes for resistance welding



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