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Tungsten Darts Barrel and other sport balance weights

Mingguan Metal offer high quality golf weights and darts weight ,other sport balance weights, best tungsten rod , tungsten plate for these weights in short delivery time.


Tungsten Darts Barrel

90WNiFe tungsten alloy are mainly used of tungsten dart shaft/tunsgten dart barrel/tungsten dart billets.MIngguan Metal have high quality tungsten rod in full stocks :

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Tungsten Alloy Golf Weight

Golf only recently became one of the tungsten alloy sports. Golf club comprises a main body of club head that is made of low-density, lightweight and tough alloy, a counterweight slot, a neck part. Tungsten alloy counterweight is placed in the counterweight slot that is shaped as long slot or ring slot. It can be located at the bottom, center or the periphery of the club head's main body. The tungsten alloy sports products can be inserted into one ore more of the counterweight slots. The neck part is welded on one side of the top of the club head main body to make up the golf club head. Golf club balance can be manipulated  by adding weights with different gratuities or by the changing position of the counterweight slot welding on the club head main body. Each golf club can be than fine-tuned to mach golfer's needs.

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