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Tungsten Alloy Penetrators

Tungsten alloy for military application:Tungsten alloy penetrators,Tungsten alloy bullet,Shrapnel head,Balanced ball for missile and plane,Core for armor-piercing bullet,etc.


Tungsten alloy penetrators

Mingguan Metal supply tungsten alloys material weith the highest quality in hyper-velocity, armor-penetrating applications, fragmentation devices and kinetic energy penetrators. Flexible manufacturing techniques and additives also allow us to vary properties such as elongation, ultimate tensile strength, and hardness to ensure the best possible material for your unique needs.


We can offer the tungsten heavy alloy rod, ball, cube, cylinder, block, etc. for military defense usage:

Tungsten alloy penetrators

Balanced ball for missile and plane

Core for armor-piercing bullet measurement

Kinetic energy penetrators

Armor and shells


Rocket components
Also we have new generation penetrators made by tungsten carbide.
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