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Tungsten copper products

Tungsten copper products


Tungsten copper alloys are commonly used in electrical & electrical/thermal applications. They are used for facing and inserts for flash and butt welding dies, projection welding electrodes, seam welding bearing inserts, facing for electro-forming and electro-forging dies, and EDM electrodes

The grade of tungsten copper ,copper tungsten :

WCu 90/10

WCu 85/15

WCu 75/25

WCu 70/30

WCu 60/40

Because of the high eletrical conductivity and low consumption, MingGuan Metal supply various tungsten cooper products/tungsten copper plate/tungsten copper bar:

1. Resistance Welding Electrode

2. Electric Spark Electrode

3. High-voltage Discharge Tube Electrode

4. Electrical Seal Material


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