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Tungsten copper electrodes

Tungsten copper electrodes


Tungsten copper electrodes

Tungsten copper electrodes is used to satisfy the demand of combination of electrical conductivity resistance to arccorrosion. Tungsten Copper Electrode are use as High electrical and High thermal conductivity in for various welding Process. For racking contacts.electric discharge machine and but welding etc.

In the resistance welding process, the parts to be joined are pressed together and heated by an electric current until pools of molten material form at individual points between them. This operation requires high currents and large pressing forces.

Welding electrodes made from our refractory metals and their alloys have a relatively high level of electrical conductivity while also exhibiting outstanding stability at high temperatures. They therefore have a considerably longer service life than conventional materials such as copper and copper alloys.

Our welding electrodes made of tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys are particularly suitable for welding highly conductive materials such as copper. They are used in the following processes: Spot welding, Roller welding, Projection welding, Upset welding.

We supply 100% infiltrated tungsten-copper comprising 75% tungsten and 25% copper for your projection welding process according to RWMA standard. This composite brings together the best of both materials: The strength of tungsten and the excellent thermal and electric conductivity of copper.


Many types tungsten copper electrodes in Mingguan Metal:

1. PCD Disk Electrode

2.W-Cu Rotary Electrode

3.W-Cu Combination Electrode

4.W-Cu Thread Tapping Electrode

5.WCu Resistance Welding

6.Tungsten Copper Nut Electrode

7.Tungsten Copper Welding Whee

8.W-Cu Iron Combination Electrode

9.W-Cu for Electrode Machining

10.W-Cu for Instant High Temperature

11.W-Cu for Low Voltage Electrode Contact

12.W-Cu Components

13.W-Cu for High Voltage Switch

14.W-Cu Roto Tube

15.Tungsten Copper Alloy Electrode

16.Handle Electrode

17.Tungsten Copper Claw Electrode

18.Projection Welding Electrode

19. Spot Welding Electrode

20.Spot Welding Needle

21.SAW Contact Tips

22.Sealing Weld Electrode

23.Welding Electrode

24. WCu Electrode for Arrester

25. WCu Electrode for Butt Welding

26. WCu Electrode Isostatic Pressing

27. WCu Inlaid Electrode

28. WCu Lightning Gap Electrode

29. Motor rotor welding electrode

30.Seam sealing welding roller electrode

31.Refractory metal-faced electrodes

32.Stud nut welding electrode

33.Disc Erosion Rotary Electrode for PCD tools


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