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Copper Tungsten-Faced Welding Electrodes

Copper Tungsten-Faced Welding Electrodeswith superior arc and wear resistance, high physical properties at elevated temperatures, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.


Copper Tungsten-Faced Welding Electrodes

Mingguan metal are copper tunsgten material supplier for refractory metal -faced welding electrodes ,which made from refractory metals ,and copper .This electrode have a relatively high level of electrical conductivity while also exhibiting outstanding stability at high temperatures.They are widely used in the following processes:


Spot welding

Roller welding

Projection welding

Upset welding.


Mingguan metal also offers copper tungsten material in

round bars,

square bars

and flat bars

with standard sizes available for immediate shipment or customzied sizes manufactured to order.

Copper Tungsten Applications Arching contacts Spark erosion and electro-chemical machining Spot welding Projections welding Crosswire and butt welding


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