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copper tungsten PCD disk electrode

Copper tungsten PCD disk electrode


Changsha Mingguan’s copper tungsten electrodes widly used in Walter, Vollmer, Lach, Enokida and other EDM machines as erision tools,which also named PCD electrodes, copper tungsten electrodes, electrodes for EDM machines, tungsten copper EDM electrodesfor erosion, or erosion electrodes, W/Cu wheels. As very high melting point of tungsten, W/CU (or CuW) electrodes have very long service life comparing to copper or graphite electrodes. We are able to offer cup electrodes, electrode wheels or any other W/Cu erosion discs according to your requirements. Properties of our copper tungsten erosion electrodes:

Composition W/Cu g/cm3 HRB %iACS
75/25 14,50 92 42
80/20 15,20 100 38


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