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counterweight and crankshaft balancing

counterweight and crankshaft balancing


Heavy Tungsten Alloy could be made to difference counterweight, such as:

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Crankshaft balancing is crucial to engine performance. In race cars, aircraft or other high-performance engines, professionals who are serious about crankshaft balancing rely on MG Metal to provide the high-quality tungsten weights they need.

To determine which tungsten crankshaft weights will work best in your engine, it’s important to remember:

· Regarding density:

· Density of HD17 tungsten = 17 grams/cc

· Density of steel = 7.83 grams/cc

· To determine the weight of high-density tungsten or steel:

· Weight (grams) HD tungsten = Dia²(inches) x 12.87 x Length(inches) x 17

· Weight (grams) steel = Dia²(inches) x 12.87 x Length(inches) x 7.83

· When switching from steel to tungsten weights, every gram of steel removed is replaced with 2.17 grams of tungsten. You have therefore increased the weight 117%.


Crankshaft balancing isn’t always an easy process, but the added value to engine performance is well worth the effort. Let the experts at MG Metal help you apply the best tungsten weights available to solve even your most challenging crankshaft balancing issues.




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