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Tungsten Alloy shielding/Radiation shielding

Tungsten Alloy shielding/Radiation shielding



Whether you need to protect sensitive electronic equipment or delicate human tissue, the energy-absorbing properties of MG Metals' tungsten alloys make them exceptional choices for radiation shielding applications, in both medical and industrial settings.

Our tungsten alloys are used for radioactive source containers, gamma radiography, shields, and source holders for oil-well, logging, and industrial instrumentation. High-density alloys also serve as collimators and radiation shielding in cancer therapy, as well as syringe protection for radioactive injections. When you need to direct a specific amount of radiation to a targeted area, tungsten alloys provide the control you need. Mingguan Metals'high-density alloys will continue to perform, even under extreme, high-heat conditions.

Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials, tungsten alloys provide excellent value. A high-density alloy can provide the same energy absorption as lead using 1/3 less material! Unlike lead, you’ll also reduce administration costs by eliminating the need to obtain special licensing—it’s not required.

Clients all across the globe are taking advantage of tungsten alloy’s reliable radiation shielding properties. If you need to protect yourself, your patients or your equipment from the harmful effects of excess radiation, contact with us to discuss the benefits of our high density metals.

Various tungsten shielding we could manufacture for customer:


Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding/Tungsten Alloy Shielded Syringes/Tungsten Alloy Shielding for X_ray Tube/Tungsten Alloy Shielding for Radioactive Source/Tungsten Alloy Vial Shield/Tungsten Alloy Collimator Platelets



Tungsten heavy alloy radiation protection appliancation 

The usage of tungsten heavy alloy in radiation protection is not subject to NRC, EPA, or special OSHA regulations,so it has been widely used, such as: 

Radioactive source containers 

Gamma radiography shields 

Shielding block 

Source holders for oil well logging and industrial instrumentation 

X-ray collimators 

Tungsten alloy PET syringe shield 

Shielding in cancer therapy machines 

Syringe protection for radioactive injections 

Tungsten syringe shielding 

Nuclear shielding wall


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