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Pure Tungsten Plate/Sheet,Wolfram plate

Be used in electronics, illumination, vacuum plating, electron-vacuum, shield, high temperature furnace industry


Tungsten plate,tungsten sheet

We provide tungsten plates with purity W ≥ 99.95%, which are widely used in ion implantation, sputtering and coating, medical CT, electronics and vacuum equipment.Welcome to enquiry size &quanity &surface to Mingguan Email

Surface treatment: 
Hot-rolled Alkaline Cleaning Surface 
Electrolytic Polish Surface 
Cold-rolled Surface 
Machined Surface

High Temperature Resistance
High Hardness
High Density 

Parts of Electric Light Source and Electron Tube
Medical Facilities
Obstruction of Radiation and Interference
Heat Shields of High Temperature Furnace
Heat Elements of High Temperature Furnace
Structures of High Temperature Furnace
Evaporation Boats


Product Name Tungsten Plate/Tungsten Sheet
Item No. PT74-TP/PT74-TS
Purity W ≥ 99.95%
Process Rolling

Tungsten Polished Plate Dimensions (Max, mm)
Thickness Width Length
1.5-2.0 150 200
2.0-3.0 200 25
3.0-4.0 250 600
4.0-6.0 300 600
6.0-8.0 300 800
8.0-10.0 300 750
10.0-14.00 200 650
>14.0 200 500


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